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5:23pm 08-19-2017
Dear All. Just to say a big thank you for all the nice comments that all you nice people have sent me on my web site regarding the midi's I have made, also the songs that I have recorded over the years , much appreciated. Best wishes George.
3:57pm 06-09-2017
dear Mr Longmore,
by accident i arived on your very interesting music pages.
i downloaded a few,i have much fun with,as i am trying to learn on my Roland Keyboard.
Thank you very much.
10:50am 05-18-2017
lots of love
5:31am 12-14-2016
Great Composure and bso enjoyable
3:05am 12-06-2016
Thank you for making the Minute you are gone. I just love that country tune.
2:01am 11-27-2016
Hi George. Thanks for the good info regarding the SD5. I now find that I have uncovered a treasure chest of songs on you website. I look forward to playing all of them soon. Enjoy every minute of time with your extended family and with music. Warm Regards, Mike
5:41pm 06-24-2016
always a pleasure sitting here listening to your musical talent thanks
6:06pm 06-08-2016
Thank you for the rare and good midi files of yours . Your genre of song selection is still very poular in Sri Lanks . You may know that Jim Reeves was hugely popular here and still is .I have to sing some marty Robbins songs for a private party next month . I will get paid a small fee for it. I need your permission if I do have to use any of your Midi Files . Thanks ,
6:04am 05-01-2016
THAT's the best The minute you're gone I have heard. Thanks for great arrangement.
5:40am 02-28-2016
i just want to thank you for the midi's i have been look for long time I'LL BE HOME by pat bone thank you sir
4:59pm 12-20-2015
Can i download one of your midi files? If so, How do I go about it?
11:50pm 11-26-2015
im looking for a backing track for Scotland Forever. Can anybody help.
10:07am 07-24-2015
thank you i write song prolifically mainly country your song library brings memories of my grand father thank you
3:24pm 07-07-2015
Nice website and a lot of good songs
9:13pm 05-08-2015
Thank you for a great collection of songs. Much appreciated.
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