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9:13pm 05-08-2015
Colin Mullis
Thank you for a great collection of songs. Much appreciated.
6:57pm 04-02-2015
mr mellow
I have a tyros 4 which turns my basement into a fantasy world. Thanks to your midis. I can make them sound like a million in my machine. My wife tells me that your songs, your midis were custom made for me. So thanks a million. I'm just a retired senior with a hobby. Your write up about your wife is most touching.
8:21pm 12-22-2014
Charley Mc Guire
Great stuff George. Do you do Water For My Horses?
12:55pm 09-12-2014
Man In Black (Mick)
Hello George,
Nice to have met you through Roystracks. Just listening to your MP3s and wondering are the backing tracks your own creations

4:17am 09-09-2014
Mel Johnson
I play at a seniors home out bush in Oz once a month. Nearest town is Bundaberg Queensland. They (the old folks) always want (all 14 of them) to hear new songs.
I cannot keep up with their requests so I always look forward to material from your site. I have a few problems with percussion - maybe one day I'll buy a midi drum kit, but hitting things was never my forte.
They all know your name as I tell them your contributions of new midi files.
The software I use is Midi Notate Composer and use a Roland SC88 for backing tracks from a Laptop. My keyboard is a generic midi controller (Aleisis) to another SC88. Midi Composer shows notations in real time which I play along with.
Your midi files transfer quite well to the Notate software.
I'd be interested to know what composition soft ware you use?
I'm a classical organ player with a not spectacular voice, although the old folks don't seem to care. Actually most of them have better voices than me and they love a sing-a-long.
When you sequence more material, could you email your midi files so I can use them in my sessions? Most guys are in their 70's plus.
Being a music reader, I find it hard to come by old sheet material in Australia and I cannot play by ear (my teacher used to say "play the notes on the page" not what you want to play - good or bad- who knows?
Look forward to hearing from you; Mel Johnson
7:35pm 08-28-2014
nice hearing your voice great songs
11:59am 08-21-2014
Joe Duffy
Thank you for a terrific set of music, it has given me strength and inspiration following the death of my wife of 49 years. I have started to learn keyboards and have a Yamaha S950. I have progressed to being able to entertain family and friends as well as playing at a "tea dance" for the older people like my self (71) I would love to be able to play and sing "Scotland forever" as it is such a nice song could you help? Thank you once again - Joe
6:49pm 08-10-2014
George could you do a version of the Kalin Twins song - When. I sing to raise money for Cancer Research UK and need a midi Karaoke version of this song?
8:09am 08-07-2014
lindsay henry
my website is cheers.
8:07am 08-07-2014
lindsay henry
awesome site,im a dj on radio in new Zealand and I broadcast to one hundred countries around the world and the music is similar to what you have on your site.well done George congratulations Lindsay.
9:15pm 08-03-2014
dave n sam longmore
nice chippy supper we geordie n aileen looking through the back catalogue. good to see al hen n hear the music. still remember goin oot we the al man. still gan strong. wee loon dave.
11:59pm 07-23-2014
4:26pm 07-11-2014
Mike Lockey
Several bars and melody errors in Rock-a-Beatin' Boogie.
I'll send a copy when I've sorted it.
11:59am 07-03-2014
Rob Roles
George have you ever done, Ollie Austins version of dance with me molly, I love the song and would love to have a good backing track for it
10:26pm 04-14-2014
robert mcinnes
a pleasure to return to your page your feeling in song and life is magic thanks for sharing it with us all
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