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5:01am 03-08-2018
maria hemara
dear mr longmore .. first of all special greetings to you .. im very sad about your wife ..i also lost me dear husband in 2003 .. we played beautiful music together .. but he is in a better place now .. i still carry on his legacy which i promised to do and perform the music we did together .. your midi's are beautiful .. i play them now through a laptop when i perform.. i am so thankful to you for producing them .. wishing you all the very best in life .. keep up the great work wishes all the way from australia ..regards maria hemara (jodelmaria) .. xoxo ..
5:23pm 08-19-2017
George Longmore
Dear All. Just to say a big thank you for all the nice comments that all you nice people have sent me on my web site regarding the midi's I have made, also the songs that I have recorded over the years , much appreciated. Best wishes George.
3:57pm 06-09-2017
Roland de Ronde
dear Mr Longmore,
by accident i arived on your very interesting music pages.
i downloaded a few,i have much fun with,as i am trying to learn on my Roland Keyboard.
Thank you very much.
10:50am 05-18-2017
gautam gigoo
lots of love
5:31am 12-14-2016
Dale Hargrove
Great Composure and bso enjoyable
3:05am 12-06-2016
Thank you for making the Minute you are gone. I just love that country tune.
2:01am 11-27-2016
Mike M
Hi George. Thanks for the good info regarding the SD5. I now find that I have uncovered a treasure chest of songs on you website. I look forward to playing all of them soon. Enjoy every minute of time with your extended family and with music. Warm Regards, Mike
5:41pm 06-24-2016
bob mcinnes
always a pleasure sitting here listening to your musical talent thanks
6:06pm 06-08-2016
Tony Hopman
Thank you for the rare and good midi files of yours . Your genre of song selection is still very poular in Sri Lanks . You may know that Jim Reeves was hugely popular here and still is .I have to sing some marty Robbins songs for a private party next month . I will get paid a small fee for it. I need your permission if I do have to use any of your Midi Files . Thanks ,
6:04am 05-01-2016
THAT's the best The minute you're gone I have heard. Thanks for great arrangement.
5:40am 02-28-2016
i just want to thank you for the midi's i have been look for long time I'LL BE HOME by pat bone thank you sir
4:59pm 12-20-2015
Jimmy Paz
Can i download one of your midi files? If so, How do I go about it?
11:50pm 11-26-2015
im looking for a backing track for Scotland Forever. Can anybody help.
10:07am 07-24-2015
thank you i write song prolifically mainly country your song library brings memories of my grand father thank you
3:24pm 07-07-2015
Pete Mallett
Nice website and a lot of good songs
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